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Industrial Floor Fan & Desk Fan Manufacturers

King Fortune desk fan manufacturer has become the most trusted name in industrial desk fan products. King Fortune is an expert with profound experience in the production of floor fans. Our main product includes 12 inch desk fans, 16 inch desk fans, 18 inch industrial desk fans, 18 inch 45cm industrial desk fans and more. To meet the customers' maximum satisfaction, we have committed to its uncompromising insistence on excellence, quality, and innovation. The superior quality of every King Fortune’s industrial desk fan is backed by the most dedicated technical service support in the company. Our company has earned IEC, GS/TUV, EMC, SASO, ETL, UL and CSA certificates that ensure customers' consistent quality in manufacturing, distribution and customer service. We wish to thank you for taking the time to review our desk fan and floor fan products and their many innovative, space-saving and money-saving features if you have any questions or an interest in our desk fans.